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The Canvas and Tent Group is a South African design, manufacture and supply canvas Here are a few of our milestones:

based company and one of the world’s leading products to be utilised in various military • Establishing a global distribution network 
tent manufacturers, who have become applications. Later on, we were fortunate 
• Receiving our BEE Level 3 certiication
internationally renowned and respected for to work with the defence forces of Botswana, • ISO 9001:2008 certiied
producing an extensive range of high quality Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
and innovative products.
• Fully SABS certiied
• Achieving preferred supplier status 
The Canvas and Tent Group provides top- 
Our reputation and culture of excellence was class accommodation solutions to both the with UNICEF, The United Nations, 
cemented in 1970 when we were selected as mining and construction sectors through 
the preferred supplier to the South African our tented villages, which meet and exceed 

National Defence Force—where we would
the ever-increasing needs of our clients and 
their employees.

The Eton System

We are proudly the irst tent company in Africa 
to implement the Eton System at our factory, 

which has revolutionised the manufacturing of 
canvas products and ensures that we remain at 

the forefront of excellence. This lexible material 
handling system provides real-time data collection 

and information needed for our production team 
to attend to and resolve production concerns 
instantaneously. This system helps to eliminate 

manual transportation of ‘work in progress’ items 
and minimises handling. Furthermore, it increases 

productivity and afords staf more time to devote 
to value-adding activities.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory

Our newly upgraded on-site laboratory provides 
a space in which we can research new—and 

improve upon—existing methods for curing, 
treating, laminating and strengthening canvas.

Some of our technologically advanced 
equipment includes:

• Instron or tensile strength testing equipment 
• Water head testing equipment

• Flammability testing equipment, both vertical
and horizontal


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