Hard-Walled Shelters

Easy to transport and set up, cost-effective and multi-purposed are all characteristics of a hard-walled shelter. It is an ideal semi-permanent or permanent camp solution for the military, mining and construction sectors.

Our range includes:


Invest in a HERCon™ unit (Hard-Walled Expandable Redeployable Container) when setting up a redeployable or permanent camp. Transported as a standard shipping container, it quickly and easily deploys to a high-quality, hard-walled building, up to three times the area of the original container.

All internal services – electrical wiring and plumbing, pending client requirements – are pre-installed ensuring it’s operational within 40 minutes of delivery.

We can do various configurations such as an open plan conference facility, dormitory style accommodation, storage, dining room, single, double or four-person living unit with one or two bedrooms, en-suite ablution (toilet, basin and shower), kitchenette, dining room and lounge area, single accommodation unit (either two large rooms or four smaller rooms) with or without a central passageway, office unit with reception, two to four offices with either en-suite ablution or storage room, a kitchen servicing 250 to 500 people or a 50 person ablution unit. The semi-permanent and permanent units are durable.

HERCon™ units are also available for rent in South Africa only. Optional extras include air conditioning, carpeting, luxury wall coatings and furniture to suit your requirements.

Manufactured by Canvas and Tent for Weatherhaven RCS

Flexi-Modular Building System

Flexi-Modular Building System

If you require a semi-permanent or permanent building solution, invest in the Flexi-Modular Building System. It’s durable, quickly installed, easily redeployed and can be used as a classroom, shop, offices or storage facility.

Optimal thermal performance and reduced energy use
Excellent acoustic properties
Internal electrical fittings and plumbing pre-installed
Various floor and roof options

Manufactured by Canvas and Tent